zondag 26 januari 2014

Elastic animal straps

A couple of weeks ago I recieved a package with some elastic headbands from Brianna. I had an idea what to do with them, and this is the result!
From felt I made the animals and the background, I glued everything together and now I can use them in many ways.
  • A book marker
  • For closing boxes
  • Decoration
  • Gift wrapper
And I am sure there are more possibilities!

For the owl and the fox I used a pattern (originally for napkin rings) from Laura Howard, published in the book: Mollie makes, animals and friends. There are some amazing things in there! And I designed the bunny myself.

zondag 19 januari 2014

Handmade Envelope Hot Air Balloon

This time I made an envelope for my Snail Mail buddy Sylvia. I never use a template, so every envelope I make is unique. I finished it of with a little stamp of a hot air balloon, I colored it and use some glitter on it.
And the Snail itself included a handmade fox (you have seen it before ;) ), some tags, a coaster with a snowflake punched out, a letter and a card I made.

Snail Mail Collective

In December it was time for the last Snail Mail Collective, so I signed up again. This time I was paired up with Brianna, a lovely girl from the USA.
The theme was traveling, Brianna forgot about that, but it doesn't matter here Snail Mail was so cute!
The notebook is something I really love, can't have enough of these. And the headbands aren't something I would have bought. But I have some great ideas already to use them in a creative way. Keep an eye on my blog if you want to find out what I will do with them!

woensdag 1 januari 2014

Handmade flowers in a lovely jar

I started this year creative, last year I made a couple of roses out of crepe paper, and the jar was one of my Christmas presents, it was filled with fortune cookies, so cool.
Now I placed some ribbon around it, hung two hearts and a label on it. Can't wait to make more flowers.