zaterdag 31 augustus 2013

My under the sea snail mail to South Korea!

Today my snail mail from Snail Mail Collective to Chelsea arrived in South Korea, so I can post the photo's here! I included some water toys, a seahorse filled with showergel, stickers, a card, a handmade keychain, a booklet with origami descriptions, to make under water creatures, a little booklet, Spongebob and to hold this all together a little book with ribbons around it.

donderdag 29 augustus 2013

Lovely Snail Mail

Today I was lucky to deliver this lovely snail mail to myself (together with a speeding ticket for 1km/h too fast) So this colorful package made my day. It is made by Hester, she got my address from Tante Jannie.
The beautiful envelop made me very excited about what was in it.
And it was filled with lovely hand made gifts. My favorite are the crocheted cherries and the little hand made cupcake. I love everything that is crocheted, maybe because I am not so good at it myself.

woensdag 28 augustus 2013

Vintage Snail Mail

And the last snail mail of today, a vintage one! I am so excited about this one, got inspired by some lovely lace I bought a couple of days ago.
I made the envelop myself, put some little gifts in handmade bags and everything matches because of the colors and the lace.

Under the sea

For The Snail Mail Collective in August I was paired up with Chelsea in South Korea (she also has an amazing blog, check that out by clicking on her name).
We had a great conversation on the e-mail and really got to know each other. Today the package she sent me arrived! It didn't fit in my mailbox, but our lovely mailman (woman) knows me, so she rang the doorbell ;).
This month the theme was: under the sea, Chelsea changed it a little bit into a general summer theme, but the gifts are so cute!

Some lovely paper that I can use for my crafts, a lovely nail varnish in the shape of I ice cream cone, some dried squid (very curious about that ;) ) a facial mask, some candy and a lovely note in the shape of a koala. I really love this package, thank you so much Chelsea!
I hope you recieve my package soon.

A red snailmail

The second snailmail I made today for Renate, I got her address also from Tante Jannie's Postkamer. I decided to make an entire red snailmail this time. Some papers, little goodies, lucky stars, some teabags, a handmade heart hanger, a handmade flower and a little letter. So much fun to spent the entire day making snailmail and also recieving, check my next post for that!

Introduce your country

The snailmail project from the snailmail collective has a theme every month, in July we had to introduce our own country. So I made a package filled with gifts and information about the Netherlands and send it to Meghan in Combodia.

The package included a Delfts Blue magnet and a little box, a keychain, a bookmark, a postcard, a little handmade booklet with facts about the Netherlands, a big handmade card with typical Dutch pictures on it and a little scented sachet in the Dutch colors, red, white and blue.

Cupcake snailmail

This time I made a cupcake snailmail for Janneke, I got her address from Tante Jannie's Postkamer. She loves baking, so I choose to make a cupcake snailmail. Including a little recipe book, with three recipes already in there, a handmade cupcake of felt and some little cupcakes to complete it.
If you like it, please leave a message :).

dinsdag 27 augustus 2013

Apothecary rack

A couple of weeks ago I saw this amazing rack in the store. I was there by bike, so the trip home wasn't that easy, but I had to have it. Sometimes that is just the way it is ;)
I want to use it as a time line of our wedding day next year, May 15, 2014! In every booth I want to place a little object and some pictures of that moment of the day, and below every booth there is a little holder to put a little card in. Can't wait to get married!

A colorfull snailmail

Again I recieved a colorful snailmail, this time from Mariza. She got my address from Tante Jannie's Postkamer. 
This great package was filled with some delicious tea, and a chocolate (I already eat it before I took a picture...) Some lovely tages, a note, a role of tape and I still love the lovely owl on the little envelop. Owls are just cute!

This afternoon I will start on two snailmail, also with an address from Tante Jannie.

zaterdag 24 augustus 2013

My own agenda for 2014

A little while I am a big fan of the magazine Daphnes Diary, of course because of the great name, but also because of everything else. Very nice articles, little DIY project and always a little gift. And that just makes me happy!
And now they have a new agenda for 2014 which I had to buy, it already starts in october 2013, so I just have to wait for one more month, I should be able to do so...

Finally I was able to write down something very important on the right date, our weddingday on may 15!

 A lot of amazing vintage pictures and a lot of little gifts (postcards, labels and DIY projects)

Some cute stickers for a jam jar with of course home made jam
 (I don't think I will ever make jam...)

A package filled with joy

Yesterday I found an awesome snailmail in my mailbox. It was the first one I recieved from Tante Jannie's Postkamer. For every snailmail I send, I also recieve one. The same working as postcrossing.

The envelop was already a little party:

Inside another envelop wrapped with wire and two cute Japanese beads, love them!

And all the little treasures inside:

dinsdag 13 augustus 2013

Snail Mail Collective July

Every month there is an amazing opportunity to join the Snail Mail Collective. Every month you can sign up. This time the theme was to introduce yourself and your country to each other. I was paired up with Meghan, she lives in Cambodia at the moment.
Today I recieved this amazing package from her:

A scarf included

A nice card 

And the entire package: a lovely scarf also known as "a kroma", some seashells, stickers from the peacecorps and a lovely card

The seashells

"The Kroma"