donderdag 13 maart 2014

Owl and Birds Snail Mail

This time I made a Snail Mail with only birds and owls. I used the paper bags I made myself to put the gifts in. I made two tags, a garland with three owls, some origami crane birds and a lucky owl in a match-box.

zaterdag 8 maart 2014

Mini Owl and Bird Snail Mail

Because the stamps are getting more and more expensive, I tried to make a nice snail that only needs one stamp. It only weighed 11 grams!
Unfortunately I sent it out two weeks ago, and yet it hasn't arrived. I hope it will still get there, and else I will make another one. Maybe a bit larger so it won't get lost...

donderdag 6 maart 2014

Paper Bag Tutorial

Instead of buying little paper bags for snail mails, I start making them myself.


First you make a triangle in the size you need. Than you fold two sides towards eachother. And than you make on the top and bottom a small flap.

First fold the big flaps on the side towards eachother and tape them together, finally fold and tape the bottom flap on top of it. And fold the the top flap around it.

And the last thing, decorate!!!

zaterdag 1 maart 2014

Little Owls

I really loves owls, so I created my own little ones. They are so cute and great for decorating a present or card.