donderdag 5 september 2013

I Do snail mail!

On facebook I met Marjolijn, after some talking we figured out that we both getting married in 2014! So this was an awesome opportunity to make a wedding snail mail.
I made two flaglines with the words 'bride' and 'groom', some stickers and tags and a little bag filled with handmade flags on a little stick made from lace and paper. I really enjoyed making this one and here snail mail to me is on it's way, I can't wait!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hoi Daphne,
    Wat een super mooie snail mail heb je gemaakt zeg!
    Ik heb je genomineerd voor de Liebster Award! Misschien vind je het leuk om mee te doen? Meer informatie kun je vinden op m'n blog.
    Liefs, Anne