woensdag 28 augustus 2013

Under the sea

For The Snail Mail Collective in August I was paired up with Chelsea in South Korea (she also has an amazing blog, check that out by clicking on her name).
We had a great conversation on the e-mail and really got to know each other. Today the package she sent me arrived! It didn't fit in my mailbox, but our lovely mailman (woman) knows me, so she rang the doorbell ;).
This month the theme was: under the sea, Chelsea changed it a little bit into a general summer theme, but the gifts are so cute!

Some lovely paper that I can use for my crafts, a lovely nail varnish in the shape of I ice cream cone, some dried squid (very curious about that ;) ) a facial mask, some candy and a lovely note in the shape of a koala. I really love this package, thank you so much Chelsea!
I hope you recieve my package soon.

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