zaterdag 24 augustus 2013

My own agenda for 2014

A little while I am a big fan of the magazine Daphnes Diary, of course because of the great name, but also because of everything else. Very nice articles, little DIY project and always a little gift. And that just makes me happy!
And now they have a new agenda for 2014 which I had to buy, it already starts in october 2013, so I just have to wait for one more month, I should be able to do so...

Finally I was able to write down something very important on the right date, our weddingday on may 15!

 A lot of amazing vintage pictures and a lot of little gifts (postcards, labels and DIY projects)

Some cute stickers for a jam jar with of course home made jam
 (I don't think I will ever make jam...)

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